Today, America suffers from self-inflicted wounds. Our nation has everything we need to lead, grow and prosper.

We must unlock the full potential of every American and unleash the power of this great nation. This requires:

  • worthy goals, common purpose and leadership;
  • connecting conservative principles to people's lives and struggles, in a twenty-first century context; and
  • engaging differently in the political process.

It is Time.

Carly Fiorina
Chairman, Unlocking Potential Project

The mission of the Unlocking Potential (UP) Project is to engage women with new messages and new messengers by focusing on personal interactions with voters and going beyond the traditional methods of identifying, persuading and turning-out voters. Women are a vastly under-utilized resource and represent half of our nation. We cannot permit liberal orthodoxy to marginalize women or suppress their enthusiasm for our candidates.

The UP Project is putting boots on the ground, primarily made up of women, to engage voters on key issues and talk with them about the need to support conservative candidates. These groups will message directly to women in key battleground states but will also empower women to speak boldly and clearly about the value of our conservative principles in politics.

Our conservative movement faces a gender and a technology gap. The UP Project will strive to close these gaps.

To help conservative candidates, the UP Project is focused on three core attributes that will distinguish this effort:

  • Carly Fiorina is leading a team of conservatives who will develop and shape messaging on a wide range of issues that directly relate to women.
  • It will focus on personal connections with the voters, especially women, by building a strong grassroots campaign.
  • Utilize twenty-first century technology and techniques to target, persuade and turnout voters.