3 Easy At-Home Preparation Methods for IPMAT Exam

Anyone who is interested in pursuing a management course would have considered the Integrated Program in Management Course offered by the Indian Institute of Management, Indore.

If you are reading this article, it is most likely, that you are aware about the fact that thousands of aspirants take this examination every year which is conducted by IIM Indore. But you need not worry as the following tips will guide you in your preparation and help you remain focused. Before chalking out a preparation strategy, you need to finalize the method you will use for preparation.

You can consider various options like IPMAT coaching centres, IPMAT online coaching or self study with books. Online coaching is becoming increasingly popular with the advantages that it offers. Most online coaching portals also provide IPMAT mock Test Series which further aids the preparation.

IPMAT Examination

Before you begin your preparation don’t you think it is important to know about the exam? You can make a note of the following features of the IPMAT examination.

Examination mode – online

Duration – 2 hours

Number of questions – 100

Question type – Objective

Sections – Quantitative – 60 question;Verbal ability – 40 questions

Marking – +4 for right answer and -1 for wrong answer

IPMAT Preparation Tips

  1. Develop an effective time table

The first thing anyone who is preparing for an examination does is, preparing a time table but you must know that only the one who sticks to the time table finally succeeds.  You might just divide the syllabus into the time that you have and put it up as a timetable but can you call that an effective time table? You might want to keep the following things in mind while preparing your time table.

  • Keep a copy of the syllabus as a handy reference as and when required.
  • If you have opted for an IPMAT online coaching coursing which is a good choice, make sure that your time table is goes hand in hand with the course. It would be good if you cover the topic as and when it’s completed in your course.
  • Don’t be idealistic and put too many topics on the same day. Divide the topics such that you don’t put all difficult topics one behind the other. Make sure you cover the tough ones when your mind is fresh and the easy ones when you are not in your best form.
  • Make sure you allocate enough time to read, make notes and revise each topic.




  1. Smart and regular study habit

The biggest mistake made by most people while preparing for an exam is postponing and piling up too many things for the last minute.

  • Start your preparation today or as early as possible so that you have enough time to cover all topics and practice.
  • Sometimes we tend to overdo it on certain days which leaves us with little or no energy to continue preparation on the next day. Regular study timings each day would certainly ensure that your studies are progressing at a steady pace.
  • Most Coaching centres or IPMAT Crash Course portals ensure that they cover the topics in a timely fashion. This ensures you get sufficient time for self study and practice IPMAT Mock Test Series.
  • You might want to stay away from social media and other distractions during your preparation period as these take away a considerable amount of time and don’t allow you to focus.
  1. Solve Mock Tests

The most important part of your preparation is solving as many IPMAT Mock Test Series as possible. Most IPMAT online coaching portals offer a number of Mock Tests which you should attempt once you have covered the topics.

  • Solving these IPMAT Mock Test Series will give you an idea of the actual examination pattern, important questions and level of difficulty.
  • Solving mock tests will help you gauge your level of preparation and make you understand the areas which need your attention and need your focus.
  • You will agree that staying motivated throughout the preparation process is the key to achieve success. Solving IPMAT Mock Test Series will motivate you to score better each time. Make a note of your scores and pin it up – this will help you analyse your performance and drive you to do better.
  • Timing is a key factor in especially with quantitative part. Solving more mock tests will help you improve your timing and increase your speed. You should set a timer whenever you attempt a test and try to finish it in the stipulated period.

I hope these points will guide you in your preparation for the IPMAT exam. Keep a track of the important dates, syllabus, application procedure, important documents etc. Wish you good luck!