Braces – All Circles of Trouble in Stages

You can’t imagine how crooked my teeth were! I was still proud of them because the fangs bulged out so much that I looked like a vampire! And in the end I got braces from Los Angeles Orthodontic in order to give me a Hollywood smile and on the one hand it’s not so difficult, but on the other it’s terrible.

  1. Removing teeth

I don’t want to say that everyone will have to do it directly, but just if there is not enough space, then they remove the excess. It depends on the jaw, if you have a wide jaw, and as you know the number of teeth is the same for everyone, then you may be lucky to avoid this. But I didn’t succeed. As a result, 4 teeth were torn out of me in sweat and tears. I remember this and I can’t believe that I survived this.

  1. Installation

When braces are installed, they are not immediately placed on the upper and lower jaw, or in common people, on the upper and lower teeth. They are put first on one of them, and then, when those teeth are used to it, they invite them to put the rest. Why is that? Yes, because you would die from a pain shock, if you did this, they say the strongest survives. Well, so that there would still be those with whom to rip off the money for this, so they do everything as delicately as possible. (Well, to be honest, your teeth hurt for a week somewhere and you can’t eat anything, you have to eat some cereal or everything is soft)

  1. Hygiene

This is the most important part of the braces, because if you do not want your teeth to turn into trash after a week, then you need to take care of them. In principle, teeth should be brushed 2 times a day.

In general, in addition to a toothbrush (such a special one) in the mornings and evenings, you will need at least a toothpick, because everything that gets into your mouth, especially something friable or sticky, gets stuck! And now the moment of truth! What you can say goodbye to, well, at least bite off like all normal people, this is with apples! I really love apples.

  1. Complexes

I don’t know what complexes you might have, maybe they won’t. In any case, when I had braces, I had such a fear that I could not kiss anyone at this time: Just there was one such case in a summer camp where my girlfriend kissed a guy who had braces and she said that the bracket clung to her lip. But I started to smile much more often, because I knew that beautiful braces cover my teeth!

  1. Time

Not a little important in aligning teeth this time. Time depends on how crooked your teeth are. Although, I think it will take 1 year if they are not very crooked and a half, if very (like mine). In the worst case, it will be 2 years, after all, whoever has how.

  1. Remove braces!

This magical moment will last a little more than a month, maybe a half. The thing is that you will be removed first one jaw, and after this month and another. This is necessary to get your teeth used to living without their metal friends. And they will give you a mouth guard. If you know that in sports there are these things, so that the fighters do not break their teeth, then you should already have an idea about this. The medical mouthpiece consists of a transparent medical plastic that holds your teeth well so that at first your teeth would not go apart and that all these days spent with breaks would not go to waste. After all, the bone structure is still soft, thanks to it, your teeth have changed their location. 

  1. Smooth teeth!

So you finally got the braces removed and every passerby should see these straight teeth! At first, because of the mouthpiece, the teeth will look like porcelain, shiny such perfect ones (even too much). Cap will have to be worn for several months all the time, and then only at night. I had to wear a capa all the time for 4 months and the same amount only at night. Now I only wear a cap for the night. And since this is all very individual, I can not predict.


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