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Generic Harvoni available in India

Hepatitis C is a disease that is increasingly common in young people’s history. It is impossible to be shielded from infection, a working vaccine from this hardest there is no disease in the world. However, new drugs compete well with the symptoms of this ailment. Harvoni is one of the most reliable medicines of the new generation. Harvoni generic is a popular antiviral drug, with which it manages to cope with many liver diseases. This medicine perfectly copes with common forms of hepatitis, which makes it irreplaceable in the treatment of these pathologies.

What are generics?

These are the drugs that exactly repeat the composition and dosage of the original products, but are manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies, under license. Another name, different packaging, low cost – these are the differences between generics and originals. At least, those that we offer – their quality, the composition is confirmed by certificates, and the authenticity of the products is ensured by direct deliveries from the manufacturer. The packaging of each drug is reliably protected from forgery, so each of our clients can be completely sure of the authenticity of the medicines they buy.

For the treatment of hepatitis C, Harvoni is most often used abroad. It was approved for Application in the largest clinics in Israel, the US and Europe. However, at the moment it is impossible to find in pharmacies of the CIS countries. Here you can buy the drug Harvoni in private clinics, which have a manufacturer’s certificate. Deliver it from European countries, most often from Germany.

This medicine was developed and patented by an American biotechnology firm Gilead Sciences in 2014. Gilead Sciences has allowed many other pharmaceutical companies to produce Generic versions and sell it to 91 developing countries, providing the patients with the opportunity to recover from hepatitis. Harvoni tablet has a diamond shape, an orange color and is covered special glaze. The active substance is ledipasvir (in a dosage of 90 mg), and sofosbuvir (in dose of 400 mg).

At the same time, the cost of original American products is so high that it is inaccessible to the vast majority of patients around the world. In this regard, 81 countries received a permit to produce generics, that is, functional analogs of these funds. Generics treat hepatitis C on a par with analogues, but cost ten times less.


Doctors recommend

  1. If you forget for some reason to drink a pill in a timely manner, drink later. You can only skip one dose.
  2. Do not drink two doses in a row.
  3. You need to drink Harvoni even when you feel fatigue or headaches.


The scheme of taking the medicine is quite simple. The course of treatment is small. For patients with hepatitis C the first genotype is only twelve weeks. If you have cirrhosis of the liver, Treatment should be prolonged twice (24 weeks). It is also necessary to act for those who have already passed treatment with other drugs, and it was ineffective.


Side Effects

If you are using HARVONI for the first time, you should be careful and listen to own body. Suspicions should cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, swelling, severe itching on the body. In such cases, therapy is interrupted instantly. After consultation with the virologist a new drug regimen is being prepared.

Many doctors who lead patients with hepatitis C notice typical effects after the onset use of medication (malaise, insomnia, lethargy). But do not panic. Experienced the doctor will be able to assess the risks of applying Harvoni and advise the individual scheme of admission.

Storage conditions

Do not take the drug after the expiration of the specified shelf life. Keep the tablet in a dark, moisture-free place at a temperature of 15 to 30 ° C. Keep the drug away from children.

Analogues of Harvoni

With the development of the drug, manufacturers have made many analogs of these medicines. Harvoni has several analogues. Each analogue contains in its composition a certain amount of ledipasvir and sofosbuvir. We have shown below some of the analogues of Harvoni.

Among the analogues of Harvoni, Ledifos tablet is very popular.The mechanism of its effect on the cells affected by the disease is very similar to the mechanism of action of the original medication.

Is the Generic HARVONI Drug Safe?

Yes, the result of generic Harvoni is safe. The drug has successfully passed clinical trials and tests and was approved for use even in EU countries, where the quality of medicines is treated with particular attention.

Where & How to purchase generic Harvoni?

In India, You can easily get hepatitis c medicine but before buying a medicine, you need to make sure that supplier should be honest, reliable, & the most important thing he should have a license to the sell drugs.

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