How to embark upon a career in Human Resource Management

All modern businesses now have defined expectations for recruiting human resources(HR) managers, but these expectations tend to vary widely. At times, the HR managermay directly report to the CEO, while at others, this position is considered part of the chief financial officer’s portfolio.

Certain companies expect the HR manager to executemore than just administration, all the while regarding the workforce as a crucialaspect of brand success. Ultimately, how anHR graduate finds an entry point into the industry and then acquire a managerial position can differ markedly from employer to employer.Let us take alook at some of the common strategies for getting selected as an HR manager.

Relevant educational qualification

Generally speaking, the shortest paththat can lead to an entry-level position in the field is by earning a college degree in HR management.You may also combine this degree with specialised subjects, like a business andindustrial or organisational psychology, moving on to implementing those skills at work. Expect to work for several years in an HR operational role at a company, to achieve the breakthrough of transitioning into an HR manager.

Gain the right experience

Even if you majored in HR management, you will need on-the-job experience. Just holding a degree under the belt, does not imply you’re qualified for the role. Take up internships, to begin with. This will not only offer hands-on experience in HR management but also allow you to interact with prospective employersandpractitioners.

Build exquisite relationships

HR managers are expected to beexcellent networkers and possess the interest to help employees succeed. So take advantage of this nature and network like crazy. Every organisationcomealong with unique variances in their way of approaching the HR. Being aware of this can be key to knowing how to get recruited bythedesired company. You can find ample opportunity to build relationships,particularlyat conferences or private meetings, go where your bosses would be.

Keep business in mind

Understand that human resources are after all a business function. It is not just about being a people personbut having agood grounding of the business and applying efficientpeople strategies. Companies lookout for strong business individuals with HR expertise, coupled with business acumen, analytics and systems capabilities. After spending years in an entry-level path developing their business experience, you can transform into a more advanced level.

Patience is the key

Finally, it’s important that as an entry-level candidateyou learn to manage your expectations. Taking up the first administrative HR job right after graduation can feel a bit overwhelming. Remember to keep a flexible mindsetand be prepared to start from ground level. This is how you’re going to learn all of the pieces of HR management and explore new opportunities that come along.

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