Is Degree Required to Become Fashion Designer in India?

Over the last few decades, the fashion industry has evolved. Apparel is as much about identity as personality and keeping that in mind, apparel designing has evolved over the centuries to reflect the personality of the individual wearing it. And when it comes to fashion, India has a rich history – rife with cultural heritage, elegance, and colourfulness.


Need for Fashion Designers in India

The Indian textile sector is the oldest by far, and when it comes to fashion, India has some of the most unique apparel designs and garment construction techniques – from the classic saree and dhoti to the mesmerising lehenga choli and sherwani, from the traditional darzi to the modern fashion designer. To top it all off, India has been one of the most adaptive countries in terms of fashion – one simply needs to explore its streets to see the perfect blend of different fashion styles, be it ethnic wear, Indo-Western wear, formal office wear, or wedding wear.

And it is nothing novel that this constantly evolving industry will continue to mould itself in the future to fit the “spirit of the times.” As long as people need clothes (the need for which is pretty self-evident), the fashion industry will not only remain in existence but will continue to shape society. As such, the future prospects of fashion designers in India are bright and full of scope.


Top Requirements for a Successful Fashion Designing Career

The world of fashion designing is as demanding as it is glamorous. Successful fashion designers need to have a host of essential skills in their designing arsenal, such as –

  • A vivid imagination and creative flair
  • Thorough understanding of texture, colour, and quality of different fabric and garment construction techniques
  • Technical expertise
  • Meticulous attention to details
  • Strong hand-drawing skills
  • A good sense of business
  • Competitive edge
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Fashion Designer Bachelor Degree for Professional: The What, the Why, and the How

When it comes to career, professionalism triumphs everything else. Plus, an in-depth understanding of the career one wishes to pursue is imperative to succeeding in the field; the same goes for fashion designing. As mentioned above, a thorough knowledge of fabrics, garment construction techniques, and design techniques, both traditional and digital, mandates expert help, something a Bachelor’s degree in fashion designing provides. Besides, even innate creative capabilities become futile when not nurtured and exercised like a muscle. In eminent fashion designing institutes like the Pearl Academy, students receive 360-degree support to boost their creative flair. Apart from highly experienced professors who teach designing using both traditional and modern ways, students also benefit from each other’s company– through collaboration, they can improve their interpersonal skills and get inspired by others in the team.

The dynamic fashion industry welcomes change with open arms, and today, with technology rearing its head, the prospects are limitless. To keep up with the evolving industry, fashion designers of the future need to be up-to-date with all technological advancements, something which they can learn in a professional course like a Bachelor’s degree.

Other than that, a fashion designer Bachelors degree for professional offers additional benefits – students get easy access to careers in top fashion firms as most prominent institutes provides sufficient career provisions. Plus, a vast pool of career options stands easily accessible before them, from that of a textile and jewellery designer to that of a make-up artist and personal stylist.


In light of the importance and the many benefits of pursuing a Bachelor’s in fashion designing, holding this degree is a must for a successful career in the Indian fashion industry.