Linking your videos on facebook and how it is good for your channel?

Although facebook and youtube are competitors in the actual world but when it comes to benefits,Facebook has a lot of benefits to give to YouTube and ultimately the youtube channel owners and increase subscribers and views. As we all know Facebook is the biggest social media with a population of 2.23 billion, which is a huge number. Therefore it has a lot of benefit to give. Basically Facebook creates a tunnel that drives viewers to your Youtube Channel and then it is your responsibility to convert those viewers into subscribers obviously by creating good videos and having amazing content in your video. If this is all done, then it is going to be a win situation for you. Facebook can mainly offer the following benefits.

Ø Ranking: sharing your video at many places as possible helps your video to attain a high ranking in the Google and YouTube search engines. Facebook a very big platform helps you to attain this place more easily for the reason being having a lot users. Promoting your videos will just help the metric pay you dividends as you continue forward.

Ø Building audiences:obviously you increase a lot many more people as audience to yourYouTube videos. Just make sure you link the videos in the right way and videos open in youtube page only not on facebook screen.

Ø Getting more people to subscribe to your channel: when people see your video they might subscribe to your channel. At the end of your video, make sure to appeal to people to subscribe to your channel. This is also helped as once you share your video on facebook, you get more people to hear your appeal.

Ø Getting collaborations from brands: on facebook a lot many people view your video. If you are lucky enough, people from different brands may also see your video, get impressed by your work and might want to work with you. A little of efforts can help you achieve a lot.

As we know that to achieve a good and high goal we need to put in a lot of efforts and also be a little aware about stuff around us. Be it YouTubetoFacebook, your video can only be popular if it satisfies the viewers “view “ and that is the important thing to take care of. Keep in mind the following steps to make a good video:

1.  Make creative and new content that do not go monotonous in every video.

2.  Be very clear in everything you upload. Erase all errors from video so that viewers are happy with your video.

3.  Do collaborations with different youtubers so that you create a well-known “circle” and are not left aside.

4.  Be consistent in uploading video. This helps be connected with your audience.

Announce giveaways so that people curiously watch your videos and come back to watch your video next time you upload a new one.


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