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The Best Careers for Now and the Future

The Best Careers for Now and the Future

You only get one life. One of the defining parts of your life will be the career that you follow. Naturally, you’ll want your career to be as satisfying and rewarding as possible. Otherwise, what’s the point? This raises an important question: what are the best careers for now and the future? 

Whether you’re a young student or someone who’s been working for 25+ years, you still have plenty of time to choose a future-proof career, one that you’ll able to reap the rewards from as the future unfolds. 

Over recent years, many industries have been eliminated. On the other side, plenty of industries have reached completely new heights. Within these industries, there are lots of job roles that are incredibly exciting and will be around for decades to come.

Here’s a list of the some of ones you need to know about. 

Websites run the world. According to the Blogging Wizard, the average internet user visits over 130 webpages a day, which is a staggering amount. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that the demand for web developers has skyrocketed and that the average annual salary for a web developer is now $73,760.

Businesses need websites. Schools need websites. Stores need websites. The demand is never going to end. Plus, in the age of cyber-security, these different parties are willing to pay big bucks to have the best (and most secure) websites developed for them. 

If you have a passion for technology and want to become a web developer, the best option is to enroll on a bs computer science online program. Doing this will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to start a career in the web development industry. 

Currently, the personal trainer industry is booming, and it shows no signs of slowing down. More people than ever before have active gym memberships. And many of the people without gym memberships are willing to pay for private personal trainers. Make no doubt about it, if there was ever a time to become a personal trainer, it’s now.

Whether you want to work for a gym chain or start your own business, the choice is yours. But first, you’ll need to get a certificate in personal training. 

Each year, the demand for teachers across all institutions ranging from middle school to high school increases. 

Best of all, it’s never been easier to become a teacher. All you need to do is earn a bachelor’s’ degree, complete your teacher training and certification, then you’re good to go. It’s then simply a case of finding the right institution to work at. 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic put the spotlight on nurses, highlighting the amazing job they do on a daily basis. As a result of this, many young men and women have started to enroll on nursing programs at colleges and universities. This is because it’s a very rewarding career that will remain in high demand for years to come due to the nursing shortage. Plus, you have the option to work across a variety of different places, from public hospitals to private practices. 

If you love video games, then you might want to become a pro Esports player. The Esports industry is growing at an exciting rate. Soon, more people will be watching Esports tournaments than traditional sports. 

In the Esports world, it’s more than possible to make a living, especially if you get a sponsorship and play in lots of tournaments. 


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