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The best three horseback jungle safaris that you can undertake

There are several ways to explore a region or country! With a horseback safari, you can have a unique traveling experience. Other than the thrill of riding a horse, you get to explore flora and fauna, of a city or region, up, close and personal. Areas where motorized transport is limited or prohibited, a horseback ride is the only way to commute. And to opt in for a horseback safari, you don’t need to be an ace rider. Essential training will make you qualify.

Today, there are numerous horseback safari options available worldwide. Have you been mulling over one? If yes, discussed below are three best choices you might want to consider for your next horseback safari.

  1. Horseback safari in Rajasthan, India

The land of Rajasthan isn’t only about camels. It’s also about horses and exotic horseback safaris. For many centuries Rajasthan had witnessed horse as a primary transportation mode. It has been a way of life for the royalty and also the commoners. The best time to opt-in for a horseback safari in Rajasthan is between October and March or November and April. The safari sites comprise of:

While on the horseback safari you can have a glimpse of the architectural wonders of the region. You get to see the palaces, havelis, forts and the monuments. Also, you are expected to wear your horse-riding gear as guided. To have an idea what a horseback gear looks like you can browse through TVG and other online resources.

  1. Horseback safari in Botswana, Africa

In Botswana, a horseback safari usually starts from the Macatoo camp. It’s a place located on a palm island that towers over Delta’s grassy floodplain. As you ride along you will get to see the vibrant birds. All through your safari, you get to explore the floodplain, the mopane forests, the fertile grasslands and the other wildlife as well. You can chance upon the wild giraffe as you cross the horseback trails. Sometimes, the horseback rides are made attractive with fishing in Okavango bream. Bird watching too is a favorite activity for several long horse riders. At times, during a night horseback safari you get to see lion and hyena.

  1. Offbeat horseback safaris in Kenya, Africa

Africa presently is all set to witness offbeat horseback safaris. For instance, there’s the Masai Mara region and Loita Hills, famous for offbeat horseback safaris. When you opt-in for the Mara safaris you have the chance to explore the interiors of Masailand. Here you get to see fences, and the view is seamless. Do you want to ride the irregular migration across the plains? The truth is that it’s impossible. You will come across wild animals like elephants, wildebeest, gazelle, giraffe and a zebra. Towards the north, there is the wildlife horseback safaris in Lailopia that once used to be owned by a wealthy family in Kenya.

Horseback safaris are engaging, exciting and adventurous. However, exercising caution at all points is essential. Go ahead and select any one or more from the above-discussed horseback safari choices. All three promise adventure and will have you enticed.

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