Wedding Rings Topping the Charts in 2018

It’s hard to decide on a ring style because there’s so much to think from the ongoing trends to your personal likes and preferences. There are dozens of online websites that let you choose everything for your wedding that’s just around the corner like, where you can shop stuff at unbelievably discounted prices using coupons. Anyways, coming back to the most important jewel – the wedding ring.

Be sure to keep the bottom line recommendation in your mind – be aware of your partner’s style and preferences and find a well-cut diamond because a diamond’s beauty is hugely impacted by the cut its bearing.

For trend and style recommendations we have listed some strong trends that keep crossing our sight and never fail to mesmerize. These unique, vintage and stunning diamond settings from 2018 will blow you away.

Colored Gems

Colored gemstones carefully combined with signature band styles are now popping up in ranging hues. Opting for one is a great way to switch up your basic wedding ring. Sapphires, emeralds and yellow stones are either seen as main stones in the rings or flanking accents for a classy yet unique touch.

Triple Stone

The classic triplet look has always been a popular choice of to-be-weds but in 2018 wedding rings with three similarly sized diamonds are blowing, thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because Markle’s ring is where the hype stemmed from.

Rose Gold

Fashion-forward women are lurking over this hue of jewels and just can’t get over the timeless appeal of a rose gold wedding ring. The metal is classy boasting a decent accent combined with any style of ring it’s a go-to-choice of to-be-brides and can be light on your pocket too with aspire diamonds discount code.

Oval Cut

From Julianne Hough to Blake Lively ladies are setting the bar with simply stunning oval cut wedding rings and you’re most likely to see more gracing fingers this year. A diamond is ultimately more attractive with an oval cut especially when paired with a simple thing gold or rose-gold band.

Bold Band

It’s a true style statement but not a minimalist’s cup of tea. A bold band is for someone who loves something more outgoing, stunning and practically styles owing to the thick and glitzy aesthetic appeal.

Mixed Metals

Women with a classy yet creative taste tend to love the combination of different metals in one ring that is further enhanced with different setting of diamonds for an incredibly interesting piece of jewel.


Halo settings has been a major driver of attention from a couple of years though the designs keeps on modifying in subtle ways but only to transform into more eye catching and unique style statements. For example, a pear halo with an extra ring or a row of pave diamonds has become a wedding ring benchmark in 2018.


In a cathedral setting, the stone is mounted with arches above the shank to appear more sparkling with more light passing through it. A cathedral ring can be categorized as both an elegant and a unique setting as well with increase fire and brilliance, making at a popular choice among women since forever.


A stacked diamond ring is just too gorgeous to pass up and one of the most instagrammable looks owing to a beautiful combination of different bands with or without a main stone. There is a lot to experiment here, bands are either in same metal or different and gemstones either basic or in stunning accents.


There’s something common in all sorts of wedding rings topping the charts this year – accents and intricate details, and vintage settings seem to be maintaining timeless beauty in this case.



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