What are the top 3 trendy sunglasses frames?

Whether it is summers, winters, rains or game-time, one thing that you can always trust on is your eyeglasses. Considered to be an accessory by celebrities and many around the world, eyeglasses not only protect your eyes from harsh sunlight but also give you a classic and bold look.

Eyeglasses consist of anti-glare and anti-UV coatings. On the one hand, the anti-glare blocks the unwanted glares and prevents the formation of reflection both inside and outside surface of the glasses lens. On the other hand, the anti-UV protection blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the eyes and prevents the occurrence of eye-health issues such as macular degeneration, cataract, dryness, stress, and even migraine. Nowadays, you can also get prescription sunglasses that consist of lenses having power strength as well as provide the necessary protection to the eyes.

Top 3 trendy sunglasses frames

So what are the top 3 trendy sunglasses frames that are rocking the fashion industry and the world around lets us find out:

  • Aviator Sunglasses

Once initiated for the consumption of the aviation industry, Aviation sunglasses got their name from aviation sector itself. These glasses were manufactured for the pilots who used to face the strong beams of sunlight while flying the aircraft. The blinding glares not only were harming the eyes but also making the eyes stressed. Thus, the initial aviator sunglasses were made to fit the pilots. Later, high society people followed the trend which later became a household name. Soon aviator sunglasses were heartthrob of men as well as women across the globe.

The browline frames with a bridge adjoining the nose pads set in metallic frames come were once available in only black colour of lenses. Now you can get customised shades of lenses including gradient in several hues ranging from brown, grey, blue, purple, pink, mirror, etc. Not only they look appealing on sportsperson, but they can also give a serious appearance when you are out officially. Aviator glasses look great on every kind face shape

  • Cat-eyes sunglasses

They are girls favourite accessories while driving, playing sports, or just for a making a high impact fashion statement. Cat-eyes sunglasses come in various shapes and sizes. They have a single bridge that joins both the lenses with the upper part of the frame extended towards ears/ temples. This is the unique feature of cat-eyes sunglasses that distinguishes it from other shapes and styles of sunglasses. Generally, they are available in full rim, set in plastic (acetate), metal and titanium frames. Bold or thin, coloured or black, curved or pointed angles, cat eyes sunglasses have multiple variations and patterns. You can match them with your outfit, accessories, or hairstyle.

  • Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer is also known as the clubmaster sunglasses that have a shape resembling a trapezium, wherein the upper portion of the sunglasses is wider than the lower portion. Usually, the sides of the wayfarer sunglasses frames are curved. Exceptionally, there are some wayfarer sunglasses with pointed angles.

Where can I buy the top 3 trendy sunglasses frames?

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