White Gold or Yellow Gold: Which One is Ideal for the Ring?

When speaking of white gold or yellow gold, there is no natural white gold. When the gold is sold in the market, it is mixed with some of the other metal which goes well with the gold metal to increase the quality of the metal. So, depending on what it is mixed with, the colour of the metal will change. 

Both are of great quality, it is just a matter of preference. If you are a person who loves a warm colour, then a yellow ring would be an ideal choice. If you are a person who loves calm and is cool by nature, the white ring would suit you better. 

When you are mixing metals like copper with gold, then it gives a natural yellow colour to the metal. When you are mixing metals like rhodium with gold, then it gives a natural white colour to the metal. 

24k is pure gold. If you find a metal rated as 12k then it means that 12 parts of gold are present in the metal and the rest 12 parts of the metal should be checked to know whether it is yellow or white metal.  

When you are thinking of which colour metal would suit your ring, then you need to know the pros and cons of both the type of metal rings. 

Pros of white gold 

These are the pros of white gold. 

·         Looks like platinum 

When you are thinking of buying a platinum and you don’t have enough money for it, then white gold comes to the rescue.

  • Durable in nature 

White gold is very much durable when compared to the yellow gold. It doesn’t get scratched easily and you can maintain it very easily.  

Cons of white gold  

These are the cons of white gold. 

  • Requires more maintenance 

There are a lot of chances that the white colour gets worn out and the yellow colour becomes pale. But, when you dip the metal again in rhodium, the white colour reappears.  

  • Causes irritation 

There are some women whose fingers might get allergic to white gold due to the composition of elements. 

 Pros of yellow gold 

 These are the pros of yellow gold. 

  • Women with a vintage taste 

If you are a woman with a vintage taste, then yellow gold is the choice you need to make. Also, the yellow colour of gold is very attractive to the eyes.  

  • Easy to maintain 

When it comes to the maintenance of gold items like gold earrings, it is very easy to maintain the yellow gold it is very durable.  

  • Easy to resize 

When you are planning to alter the size of the ring, then yellow gold is much easy. 

 Cons of yellow gold:

 ·         There are very to no cons of yellow gold. 

When you are planning to buy a gold ringwhether it is yellow in colour or white in colour, you need to be aware of the pros and cons and then make a wise decision and install the Melora app to access the latest designs. Again, the price is not a great deal, it is always the matter of your personal choices.