Avoid Stress and Diseases – Start Doing These from Today

Research and studies show that the people who lead an extremely stressful life are extremely unhappy. Their mental and physical conditions are really poor and that leads to them succumbing to various diseases. It is not uncommon for a stressed out person to fall ill. However, knowing proper stress management and staying healthy can prevent certain diseases. There are certain practises that one needs to adopt in order to keep these diseases at bay. A healthy life means a stress free life where one is not affected by any disease easily.

Habits to Adopt to Stay Healthy and Away from Diseases

While medicines are used for when you are ill and have already been affected by the disease, it is strongly believed that prevention is better than cure. Here, some of the most generic and basic steps have been mentioned, following which, will give you better immunity to fight off diseases. They are as follows:

  1. Washing hands – Washing hands is a practise that a lot of people abstain from. People may not realise but the way most germs enter our body is through the mouth. Washing hands properly can help prevent these diseases by clearing away the germs. Hands should not only be washed before eating but other times during the day as well. One can never be too conscious.
  2. StretchingBody immunity goes down when we do not exercise or stretch. Stiffening of body slows down metabolism rate and this brings down immunity as well. Stretching on a daily basis can improve the immunity of the body exponentially.
  3. Nose picking – This is a very common habit and a very common way for germs to enter your body. Touching various places and then picking the nose is basically an all-access pass for the germs. Therefore, this is a habit that needs to be gotten rid of immediately.
  4. Bathing – Bathing is really important because it is equally important to be clean on the outside as well. Scratching our bodies and then touching our mouths or nose can lead to transmission of germs. Therefore, bathing properly and cleaning oneself if of utmost importance.
  5. Cutting nails – An extremely unhealthy practise, growing out nails provides a shelter ground for breeding of germs. Accumulation of dirt and germs under the fingernail is not uncommon and washing does not clean all of that away. Therefore, cutting nails at regular intervals is really important.

Tips to Keep the Stress at Bay – Lead a Stress-free Life

Stress management is something that everyone should know today. There is a lot to achieve and everybody is under a lot of pressure to achieve them. Therefore, getting stressed out is not really uncommon. However, there are ways in which you can keep this under check and eventually get rid of. They are as follows:

  1. Acceptance – Accepting the fact that not everything can be controlled by us gives us a lot of closure and relief. Most of the stress that affects us is because of over-thinking and dwelling in what-could-have-been. This is an attitude that needs to be gotten rid of. Acceptance is the first step of getting rid of stress.
  2. Relaxing and letting loose – There is no point in being stressed out in life because that doesn’t allow us to enjoy life to the fullest.  Enjoy a good time under a patio canopy and feel the world of beauty. Spending time alone, relaxing and indulging in hobbies and entertaining oneself can cut down stress by a large scale.
  3. Exercise – Believe it or not, a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Exercising on a regular basis keeps the body healthy, the blood circulation high and the brain functioning optimally. Exercising can help a person be a lot happier and stress-free.
  4. Rest – Studies have shown that most of the people who are stressed out do not get enough sleep. They spend hours working or indulged in worries. That is why stress takes over them. It is extremely important to get enough sleep and rest for the body and the mind.
  5. Socialising – Socialising can actually help get rid of stress a lot faster than usual. Going out and surrounding yourself with your loved ones can heal one from the inside. Good company trumps stress any day of the week.

These are a few tips that everyone should follow religiously to keep a healthy mind and a healthy body.


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