Best Ways to Get Your Business Noticed in Your Local Area

Not all businesses nowadays rely on their customer base being on their doorstep. However, this can be a very large customer base that you are potentially ignoring if you choose not to hone your local advertising skills.

Most business owners will happily grab customers from near and far in order to keep their businesses ticking over. Never, ever, has there been a business complaining that they have too many customers – and actually meaning it. So, for that reason, here are some ways in which you can make yourself more visible to the people in your local area.

Vehicle wraps

Get your logo put on your business vehicle by using wraps or transfers. This is a great way of getting your business noticed within your local area and beyond. Vehicle wraps do not have to cover the whole vehicle, although the benefits of them doing so are very clear. They can just be applied to the hood, tailgate, doors, or windows, or a combination of these, depending on what your desired look and budget is.

However, you will have to think carefully. If the reason you are getting your vehicles wrapped is that you want to raise awareness within your local vicinity regarding your business, contrary to what you might have been told, this is one situation where more is definitely more.

A hood transfer or wrap will only be seen from the front either by oncoming travelers, pedestrians or in the rear-view mirror of the vehicle in front. A tailgate transfer will only be seen by pedestrians facing the same way as your vehicle or the travelers behind you. Doors will only be seen from the side point of view, etc.  

However, a full-body wrap will be seen from all angles, including above, so you will get much more saturation of awareness within your community by having a full body wrap on your vehicles.

Supplying your workers with uniform

In some businesses, the uniform comes as standard, and you will probably realize that when you see these workers out and about in their uniform that you know exactly which business they are a part of.

You could be using this very clever advertising tactic in your business, and it does not have to stop at the jumper on your worker’s backs, but can also incorporate such items as work bags, face masks, hats, and even converse boots or shoes.

Obviously, you will have to source a supplier that will give you the best quality items so that your workforce will happily use and wear the items, and then get your business logo, name, or slogan, if you have one, on to these items. However, there are businesses such as anthem branding that not only supply a wealth of different quality items, clothing, and indeed converse boots but will also customize your choice to your chosen design. If you are unsure or do not have a design in mind, they will be able to help you with this as well to ensure that your business has its own very unique look for your workers. 

Local exhibitions

A very traditional way of getting your business noticed within your community is to set up stalls at exhibitions, business promotions, or within your local community center. These stalls can be used to either get more customers in your door or for recruitment purposes for which you would probably want to look at your local schools, colleges, and universities.

Handing out either business swag items at these events or just sticking to the literature on pamphlets or flyers is totally up to you. However, it is a good idea to offer discounts with a certain code so that you can then see at a later date how successful your stall was in comparison to other areas of advertising.