Career opportunities after an associate of arts degree

Associate of arts degree is a foundation degree to boost employability which is intrinsically related to your educational achievement. This degree is designed to develop the idea of earning potential adapting to your financial horizons.

This blog will focus on the various career opportunities you can seek after pursuing an associate of arts degree. It will also give you an in-depth insight into how you can visualize your professional career in the next few years. Read on to learn more about the jobs and how developing a strong skill set can drive an individual towards success.

  • Human Resource Assistant: They have to address and answer questions and queries anything from an employee’s salary, benefits, promotion and position through phone calls or emails. They have to handle and maintain an updated database for documentation of employee information. Liaising with company executives and employees to provide conflict resolution to avoid any kind of misunderstanding between the two. They schedule appointments and interviews with employees and new candidates. They involve in recruitment as well as new hire training to boost process efficiency. They are the ones making the necessary arrangements for travel and accommodation in case of emergency business meetings.
  • Operations Assistant: Graduates who work in this domain are well paid and perform administrative duties by assisting receptionists, provide innovative ideas and manage records of company policies and procedures. They have to make sure that the arrangements for the delivery of international and domestic packages are up-to customer’s expectations. They create financial reports, presentations, files, documents, spreadsheets, and databases. They have to coordinate between different departments to assist them with successful events, meetings, and general sessions.
  • Account Executive: They are responsible for serving the needs of customers to close sales deals and to create a new customer. They have to meet revenue targets and are paid commissions to sell their company’s services and products. If you are interested in this job role, you need to have a good knowledge of the products or services you would be dealing with. You have to develop and maintain good relationships with clients to master the skills and pitch new business ideas.
  • Creative Assistant: If you are interested in joining an organization as a creative assistant, you’ll be able to work in different sectors such as in media, graphic designing companies, music industry, advertising, and many other diverse fields. You have to work in coordination with your creative director or manager for successful promotion and launching of campaigns. They have to design promotional material for events as per the director’s suggestions. Multiple purpose customizable templates including presentations and business cards are created by them. They have to suggest and recommend business ideas to strengthen the image of a particular brand. Writing copies and gathering images, stats, content, and logos for marketing and promotional purposes including press releases and social media posts.

With a degree in the associate of arts you can expect to work in diverse fields with subject experts to develop a creative mindset and fulfil your long term career aspirations. This degree is designed to provide core skills in writing, communication, research and team performance which would help you to excel in every job sector. So don’t waste time and enrol yourself now.