How to Prepare for Engineering Entrance examination?

Everyone has various solutions or therapy for avoiding stress in different situations. Although, none of them works for avoiding stress during exams. Stress during exams is organic and helps students to perform better, but too much stress can replicate the good effort. Therefore, one must avoid taking unnecessary tension and trust their preparation. For a subject like engineering, preparation plays a crucial role. Today with this blog, we will talk about how you can prepare for an engineering exam and avoid some stress.

To begin with, here are a few popular engineering entrance exams across India that happen across the country and what all colleges you can get into through appearing for them.



JEE Main is the national level and first level test for engineering aspirants. Students who clear this, appear for JEE Advanced. JEE Main, open admission for NIT, IIT, IITM, IITDM and government and state funded colleges. Several private universities also consider JEE Main scores for the admission.


JEE Advanced


This is considered as the toughest engineering exam in India. It is the only way of getting one of 10k seats that are available across all the IITs.




BITSAT is the Birla Institute of Technology Admission Test. It is considered as tough as the JEE Advanced. It allows admission into the BITS campuses of Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad.




MHTCET is the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test which opens doors to various engineering colleges in the state of Maharashtra.




VIT engineering examination will open admissions for engineering degrees in VIT Vellore and VIT Chennai. It is conducted by the Vellore Institute of Technology.


Various engineering entrance exam cater for admissions at different colleges. Few of the top engineering entrance exams were mentioned above, here are a few more:

  1. West Bengal Joint Entrance Test
  2. Karnataka Common Entrance Test
  3. Andhra Pradesh Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test
  4. Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Entrance Examination
  5. Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Exam

The previously mentioned and the above listed entrance exams have perks for getting admission into a particular set of top colleges. If not selected, then the scores can also be used for admission at other places.

Preparation Plan for Engineering Examination

Preparing for your examination is one and preparing smartly is different. When you know what you should do and what you should not do, that is when you are preparing smartly. Therefore, in this preparation plan, we will talk about what to do and not to do in lieu of your exam preparation.

What not to do?

Mugging up is not suggested as a preparation tip for any exam, and especially for a concept-based exam like engineering. Mugging up for an engineering entrance exam can be a huge drawback for preparation. At times students tend to mug up solutions to concepts, they aren’t clear about, which becomes an issue later.  Other than this, students should not clutter around too many books. This would lead to unnecessary confusion and pressure.

What to do?

While preparing for an engineering entrance exam, students must keep the following points in mind:

  1. Time management
  2. Paper planning
  3. More revision than learning new concepts/ topics
  4. Do not ignore NCERT
  5. Solving practice and mock tests, and previous year question papers
  6. Focus on all subjects

Refer to last 5 Years Question Papers

Solving previous year question papers always come in handy, no matter what the exam might be. For an engineering entrance exam, solving the last 5year question papers gives the students a rough idea about the pattern and type of questions asked on a continuous basis of 5 years. This helps the students to solve more questions in less and know their comfort zone in the paper. Students figure out their strengths and weakness and work accordingly work towards them.

Join Test Series and Courses

Apart from self-practice, a helping hand through the process of solving papers and tests always helps. Few tricks will help the students to gain confidence of taking long jumps and perform better. The test series will also expand the exposure of students in terms of questions and the different ways of solving them. Given the pandemic, there are ongoing online free engineering exam preparations which students can opt for in order to strengthen their prep as well.

Revise with your handwritten notes

Though the exam is concept based, but handwritten notes are must for making the process of revision easier and faster. Certain theories and formulas and one’s week points shall always be written down and be revised and formulated on daily basis to have a strong grip on all the points.

Time each attempt

As mentioned earlier, practicing tests is always helpful. However, its meaning is only fulfilled when it’s taken under time constraints. Always time your attempt and aim for a better timing in the next attempt. Not only this, focus on the areas that consume more time and work on them in order to not loose on time.

Online or Offline Coaching

Guidance is always important for standing out of the crowd. Take up offline or online coaching for garnishing your work ways and utilize all the available resources in the best way. For example, Aakash institute has won the trust of millions of people by turning dreams of many into reality. With this COVID19 still being amongst us, putting in your best efforts to provide students with the best academic facilities has become a moto for many institutes. Therefore, considering a coaching is a good option as you can get expert advices, consultations and peer reviews to assess your own work.

So, here were a few tried and tested tips for preparing for your engineering entrance exam. Put in your best effort and just keep these points in mind, as they will help you find loopholes in your prep. Other than this, follow the basic rules of maintaining your health. Eat, sleep and exercise on time to perform better every day, and along with this choose the best guidance for leaving no stones unturned. We the team of Exambazaar, wish you all the best for your preparation!