Slip and Fall Accidents Due to Ice in Atlanta

It has been reported that over a million people suffer slip and fall injuries each year. As a result, all property owners in Atlanta are required by law to keep up with maintenance and make any required repairs. If you were hurt as a result of someone else’s carelessness, click here to get legal help. 

What causes ice slip and fall accidents?

If you are living in Atlanta, you may already be aware that the majority of slip-and-fall incidents in Atlanta are caused by slippery or damp surfaces and unsafe working conditions. Some other conditions that lead to slip and fall accidents are dangerous walkways because of dimly lit, cracked, or congested areas. Dangerous situations and hazards like these can lead to severe injuries if property owners or companies fail to keep working environments and premises safe.

When it comes to the most common kinds of injuries, back injuries and fractures are the most frequent ice-related slip and fall injuries. Even slight falls often result in cuts and bruises, while major ones can also result in more serious wounds. Traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries may fall into this category.

Duty of care:

Since the time of winter usually means much more tripping on ice, it’s crucial for each and every individual to take proactive measures that ensure that people don’t get hurt. For those who own properties, it’d be a good idea to take care of the walkways and make sure they are ice-free. For others who want to take extra precautions, it’s advisable to wear footwear with more traction to avoid falling. 

The majority of ice-related slip and fall incidents have been seen to happen on sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. And it is the job of the property owner to ensure that these properties are in good condition. Therefore, within a few days following the accumulation of snow, the property owners must take the required steps to ensure that their property is risk-free for visitors. 

What we learn from this is basically that as property owners you should be more responsible and act with caution. Even slight negligence could lead to legal repercussions, and who wants to go through such a hassle?

Final thoughts:

Are you someone who recently got injured because of accumulated snow outside someone else’s property? If the injuries are severe, you can get compensation for the damages. Hire a personal injury lawyer today!


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