What is a bike insurance calculator?

A bike insurance calculator is a tool that gives the user an estimation of the premium they would have to pay for their two-wheeler insurance policy. All you need to do is provide information regarding the make of your bike, the model, registration date, city in which you registered, and the type of your bike insurance policy. With this, the bike insurance calculator will provide an estimated quote to you. You can even include add-ons that you might have chosen.

Since this tool is easily available online, it can also be used to compare the quotes of different two-wheeler insurance plans that you come across online. Once you are aware of the rates, you can easily compare the plans based on the coverage they are providing you. You can even make changes as per what you expect from a policy and then check the rates. Thus, the bike insurance calculator helps you in finding a two-wheeler insurance plan that is suitable for you.

Let us learn more about these calculators:

How to use a bike insurance calculator?

Using this calculator is really simple. First, you need to fill up the details of your bike, such as its make and model. Next, you fill-up the city of registration, the year in which you purchased your bike, and the showroom price. Once you are done with this, you would be required to confirm whether you have made any claims in the past. The calculator will then show you the premium quotes as well as the insured declared value (IDV) of your bike. With these details, you can then select a two-wheeler plan that you find suitable as per your requirements. You can even include any add-ons or comprehensive coverage that you have purchased, and based on this information, the bike insurance calculator will display the final premium amount for your bike.

Importance of using a bike insurance calculator

  1. Helps in avoiding high bike insurance premiums

One important reason why it is so important to use a bike insurance calculator is that it helps you checking the premium of a bike insurance plan before you buy it. This helps you to avoid buying a plan that you find too expensive.

  1. Helps you get the best deal

Since this calculator helps you to compare the different bike insurance plans, you can easily check the prices of numerous plans before choosing one. This ensures that you get the best bike insurance plan.

Benefits of using a bike insurance calculator

  1. Eliminates the need of an agent

Earlier, you needed an agent in order to learn about the various bike insurance plans. But with a bike insurance calculator, you can compare the plans yourself, leaving out the need of contacting an agent.

  1. Assists you in getting the right IDV

The insured declared value is an amount you will receive from the insurance company in case you make a claim. A bike insurance calculator helps you in determining the ideal IDV for your bike.

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