What is Bank Mitra?

 Bank Mitra which means Bank’s Friend is launched by the government to bring our banking system more closely to the people. It is a model of operating small scale banks in the rural areas and provides all sorts of banking facility without much hassle. Bank Mitra Bc is a National wide plan to partner with all the major banks and make some revenue on a fixed basis also with various incentives for account opening, insurance, debit card insurance and lot more.

What are the various Facilities provided by Bank Mitra?

Tatkal Money Transfer: People even in 24th century in India are not well aware of Internet Banking and they still opt for cash transaction and even for sending large cash, they don’t prefer bank for various reasons. Not all banks open their branches everywhere in the locality so by Bank Mitra BC, they can start doing physical transactions without opening any branch.

Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS facility): It is a new type of Banking facility where you can transfer money to anyone’s aadhar card without asking for any bank details. It was introduced after the Demonetization along with BHIM? UPI. Till then it has been one of the most used payment system.

IMPS Transaction: If you are not friendly with IMPS transaction over your mobile banking/Internet Banking or via SMS, then you should try for Offline IMPS Transaction via Offline store owners partnered with your corresponding bank.

Issuing Rupay Debit Card: If you have lost your debit card or you need to get a debit card, you don’t have to go bank anymore. You can do it by visiting the nearest kiosk banking centre and get a new Rupay card.

Deposit/Withdraw Cash: Now you deposit as well as Withdraw cash, without setting a foot inside the bank. In most of the rural areas, banks are normally located far away from the residential location so it becomes really hard to walk into bank. Now on, you don’t have to find the nearest branches you will do all the important transactions via such shops.

Loan Deposit/Recurring Deposit: Now you don’t have to remember and run for your loan deposit or recurring deposit. With the Bank Mitra, you can deposit your loan account faster than ever also your recurring deposits.

Social Security Services: You must have heard about various government facilities like Pradhan Mantri Suraksha bima yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana and several other government schemes which you have always heard of, but never thought of how we can take advantage of all such schemes when you will get small bank branch at a walk able distance.

What are the other Services being provided?

Recharge Store: You don’t have any online access to recharge via credit or debit card, now you can recharge your prepaid phone wherever you want right in your fingerprints. All the retailers who have signed up for Bank Mitra will be able to add all sorts of recharges through a Android App. If you don’t have a Smartphone, you can use your Laptop or Desktop with good interest connection to recharge and also pay postpaid bills. Regard of any network or what kind of recharge or any amount, the retailer will be able to make 2.2% commission from all the Recharges. Here all the recharge transactions will be instant and for networks with a single login.

Utility Support: If you are worried about paying all the household bills at time, now you can do it easily under a single roof. Yes, it is, you can pay your postpaid bills, Electricity bills, Cooking gas bill, water bills and all other bills can be paid at the same place.

MiniBank: You can either turn your retail shop into their minibank or multi-mini bank. These banks are no lesser than big bank branches and you can carry out your daily transactions without setting a foot into the banks.

Tatkal Rupya: It is an initiative launched under Bank Mitra and in association with Bank Mitra Wallet which will let you transfer money instantly. Customers may either have bank accounts or not, now they can transfer money someone across the country and the recipient can receive just by showing his Govt. issued ID card and reference number.


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