We can only understand the importance of spellings when we will start learning them. And without learning them, you can’t use them in a proper way. Spellings are beneficial for us in many aspects. For students, correct spellings are quite important because they help them in getting full marks. Secondly, their confidence and level of intelligence will be shown. If we talk about elders, correct spellings also help them in getting full marks. So, we can say spellings are important for people of every field. Doctors can’t prescribe correct medicines without knowing correct spellings. Similarly, a teacher can’t teach his student if he will not be familiar with correct spellings. Don’t you think we should pay special attention to spellings? Yes, we should. We should give attention to our kids so that they will learn the spellings properly. As we all know, learning is independent of age. We can start our learning at any age. But the perfect age for learning something is childhood. Therefore, you should not repeat the mistakes and you should give your child special attention. Otherwise, he or she will feel difficulty in learning.

We all know that the aim of learning can’t be fulfilled without tests. We are unable to know our level of learning until we give the tests. But this is true that passing the test is not as easy as we all think. Therefore, we should go for a free spelling test with proper preparation and learning. Tests without proper preparation are quite useless. So, you don’t have to waste your time doing this. You can only get benefits from the test if you will do preparation for it. But for this purpose, you have to follow some tips. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to pass the test. Let’s have an eye on them.


If you write right after learning something, you will never forget that thing. If you want to attempt the test properly, then you should do frequent writing. It will not only boost your writing speed but things will come to your mind automatically. And in this way, you will solve your test in no time. So, follow this tricky technique for awesome results. It will take you a lot of time but you will be shocked after the results. Try to utilize your time in a correct and beneficial way. Otherwise, you will be unable to get good marks.


The most effective way of passing the spelling test is to attempt online tests during preparation. When you will repeat the mistakes again and again and then you will check them by yourself so you will feel no difficulty in passing your test conveniently. On the internet, free spelling tests are available. Spelling quiz for grade 1 will help you a lot. You should attempt this kind of test everyday. With the help of repetition, you will become perfect. So, don’t waste your time here and there and just go ahead. Because spelling tests are very important to pass.


Testing yourself is a very beneficial technique for passing the tests. Give yourself numerous oral tests. If you will not do this, you will be unable to find your mistakes. And you will make mistakes in your test which will reduce your marks drastically. So, be sincere with your tests. You can also take written tests from yourself. It can also help you a lot. If your kid is going to give a test then you should take these kinds of pre-tests from him.


You should revise all your learnings before the test. Keep two to three days for revision. If you will not revise then you will forget everything. Therefore, don’t skip anything at the time of revision. And it will only be possible if you will finish your preparation before two days of the test.

All the above-written tips can be followed by all. They are good for kids as well as for elders. For the test of 1st-grade spellings words, they are very helpful. Don’t waste your time anymore and start following the tips.