Gold and the Emotional Connect: Choose Your Jewelry Wisely

Gold is ruling predominantly in various Asian subcontinents through ages and India being one of them. India was once known for its massive gold deposits and with that Indian people think gold investment to be the best investment till date. Understanding the importance of this very yellow metal, for months and years, the Indian Karigars work hard to get innovative designs revealing their art and dedication.

These Indian Karigars are doing this for ages and every new era they are coming up with new designs, becoming a hot favorite for everyone with the upcoming trends. There are varied of Gold jewelry now being tagged under “Bridal Jewellery” as well as “Occasional Wear”. You can easily buy stylish jewelry online using Candere Coupon with great offers.

Various designs are available in each and every category and are now easily available online and their one glimpse is enough to fall in love with these coveted pieces.

Gold is always very special and close to heart for every Indian woman. They can correlate a truck full of emotions and memories with every single piece of gold they purchase. Either they buy them for themselves or get as a gift, whatever may be the reason behind it, the underlying emotion is always common. Indian occasions never get fulfilled without having gold in them. Big or small it is always accompanied by this very metal.

Gold – Significant Part Of Every Indian Wedding

Behind every big fat Indian wedding, there is a story to tell. The Indian brides try to look their best on their very day and what flatters the most is the jewelry she wears. Her parents burst into tears to give away the little treasure they have saved all through these years. Every single piece is connected to her emotions.  It tells about the sacrifices her parents made depicting how bold and strong she is. An individual who believes that every single wedding is well connected through hearts. If she is leaving her family for this very man, there are some promises he has to make. The gold becomes her inner voice. Isn’t that enough reason for every single Indian woman to adore her gold?

The love for gold is well understood by every bride flaunting them in various ways. The brides from Hyderabad love to flaunt with wide neckpiece and large earrings, as worn by the Mughals. Karelia brides often love to cover them with gold in such a manner that their upper part of the dress is hardly visible. The golden nath worn by the Garhwali bride covering most of their face shows the purity of the bride. Gold shows the tradition as well as the religious significance attached in the marriage ceremony. It’s not only a piece of jewelry a woman wears but also a piece of metal with much emotion attached.

An Auspicious Symbol

Gold is just not a shining metal in India, it’s an emotion, an investment. Her love for gold becomes deeper with her age as she starts connecting every single piece with memories. India is the largest gold consumer in the world with its religious value associated it becomes more enormous. Starting from gifts to maintain all the rituals in every occasion, gold is a must. Love for gold is right from her childhood, it’s not craziness, and it’s the importance she gave in her life. It’s an integral part of her life which increases her respect for this metal even more. Also you can buy gold jewelry online using Paytm Offers with discounted prices.

Though having a large amount of gold shows the richness of a woman in the society contributing to her status symbol, but in it lies the never-ending happiness.

Gold Boosts a Woman’s Confidence

Every woman has her inhibitions of which she is much scared of. There are times when she is all alone to face her fears and she cannot break down in the outside world. At this very moment, gold becomes her confidence. Apart from the people close to her, this very shiny metal in her closet is always present to face moments like these. It’s really strange to find out what this metal can do for you, it’s not just metal, it’s a sentiment. So it will be injustice done not to fall madly in love with the gold you owe no matter how and when it supports you.


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