Find the answers to all about gel nails

Many people get worried while getting gels because they are afraid of their nail might lose quality and will not be able to “breathe,” but these are myths and nails do not breath through their micro-nostrils. Keep that thought aside, and start opting flashy nails if you are really into fashion. 35 beautician has got more options for you from quick fixes say, press on nails too and latest additions like SNS dip powder, as well as gel extensions. There are kinds of nail finishes when it comes to beauty, to know the basic differences between gels, gel extensions, and acrylics, it is time to visit the salon for developing the knowledge of everything about the gel technique.

Defining gel extension

To know the basic difference between gel extension for nails and acrylic nails, it is imperative to follow the involved processes for both the techniques. Gel nail in Chathum is mostly like a structure or hard gel that get crafted with the help of LED or UV light. On the other hand, Acrylic is a 2-step process to air dry liquid with powder.

 Do gel manicure last for long

Though the process for gel manicure is tough it can hold up for 2-3 weeks, but nowhere it is not guaranteed for permanent. You can carry out with your regular polish, and also perform usual chores post-manicure.

Removing a gel manicure

Do not think to swab it with remover, as taking off gel polish requires practice and expertise. Whether you are opting to get rid of it in the salon or trying it at home, you need to be patient enough to polish slide off with gentle ease.

Difference between gel nails and Shellac nails

There is not much difference between the referred processes for nail beatification. Put simply, gel nails are hard and observed to be longer lasting than Shellac nails. And Shellac nail polish in Chathum is thinner than gel and can wear down within 2 weeks.

Get professional help to remove a gel manicure

You may be tempted to remove the gel manicure once you start realizing that it needs to peel off. Do not attempt it, if you are not an expert or having the necessary things to get it done professionally. The fill-in process for removing gel tip is similar to that of acrylics. Still, if you like to get it off, try to reach our websites for solutions that can cover your needs. Or else our expert manicurist should buff and drill down to get the smooth surface once growth appears on the nail. Try not to increase your risk of infection by getting your cuticles cut, if you are avoiding salon. We told you everything related to gel nails in Chathum and the gel technique before you book your next nail appointment.


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