How to style your silver necklace?

Silver is known for its exquisiteness and unique appearance. It is one of the most preferred metals used for designing jewelry after Gold. Silver is favored not only for its aesthetic design but because of the various health benefits of silver. Silver is hypoallergenic and good for your skin health. Sterling silver is a highly malleable metal that can be carved into multiple designs and shapes. This is the reason why jewelry designers can’t stop gushing about silver. One such beautiful piece of silver jewelry is a silver necklace.

Women love necklaces due to their charm and grace. It is a must-have accessory in a women’s jewelry collection. You can find beautiful silver necklaces online or at a trusted merchandise store. But, many women fail to wear these silver necklaces in the right way. Necklaces made with silver has an antique and vintage appearance. Their charm can be enhanced when they are styled with the right colors and dresses.

Here, we have shared some quick tips on styling your beautiful silver necklace:
Picking the right outfit

Silver marks elegance. A silver necklace due to its versatility can be worn with various outfits – formal wear, ethnic dresses, or evening gowns. It creates a distinguished look and brightens the appearance. If your style statement is unique, then a silver necklace is a must-have. However, you should never mix silver necklace with other threads or gold-studded neckpiece. While a mix of silver and gold is suitable for bracelets and rings, for necklace it is a bad idea.

Silver neck pieces go well with all different skin tones.

The right time to wear silver

You can mix the silver necklace with cold colors like black if you’re planning to wear them during the daytime. It will give you a discreet and fancy look. For a more fashionable look, you can try combining them with brighter hues like turquoise, orange, and prune.

Putting silver clothes with your silver necklace is also a good idea. You can pair it with a silver purse and matching sandals. But yes, remember to wear it at an evening party or a disc night only.

You can wear other pieces of jewelry like bracelets and rings studded with precious stones like rubies or diamonds.

Choose the right necklace

We already covered the right outfits for your silver necklace. However, you should also know the prominent types of silver necklaces and their styling tips. For e.g., with an off-shoulder gown you have the liberty to pick a collar necklace. You can wear a choker with a V-shape blouse or a formal shirt during an office event. There are other kinds of necklace designs too like opera, matinee, princess, etc. Take a few tips from Pinterest and Instagram, to know what is trending.

Where to buy a silver necklace online?

Silver necklaces can easily be bought online through various silver manufacturers and sellers. Ensure that you are picking the right seller by checking for the quality measures like hallmark. Sterling silver always has the mark SS or 925 engraved on it. 925 stands for its purity. You can also check the complete range of silver necklace at 925 Silver.


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