Instagram Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Blogging is nowadays very popular and earnable in social media. So before going to the main topic first of all you should know what is a blog.

When I was new on the internet I don’t know what is a blog? But with the passage of time, I started knowing that what is a blog and what are bloggers? Now I have my own blog.

The blog is a personal web page or website in which people update different materials like Articles, photos and videos on a regular basis. Nowadays it is the world of Instagram. So bloggers need to connect to Instagram to increase traffic on their website. Because bloggers are using Instagram and if they post the link of their blog then automatically all of their followers will be redirected towards their website or blog.

There are so many tips for bloggers to increase the number of followers. In this Article I wlll share with you how to become Instagram Famous blogger and grow your followers fast in less time.

Make an effective bio on Instagram:

Make sure that your bio should be effective and complete on Instagram. In your bio, there are different things which are included for example your full name, your location, your business that what you do and all the information about your product. If your bio is strong then definitely people will be interested in your bio and your product. They will follow you and the number of your followers will increase. Your followers will ultimately become the visitors of your blog when people will reach there through your short link. Keep in mind the concept of keywords adding to your bio. It will help you a lot as a blogger. Your number of followers will be going to increase with your bio and keywords.

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Best Way to Use Hashtags:

As we all know that using the right hashtags will lead us to a bunch of new followers day by day. So keep using right hashtags. Your hashtags should be relevant to your post. Don’t use too many hashtags. Its more effective to use the relevant hashtags that are related to your particular photo, video or your product. For example, if you have a food blog then if you use the hashtag #food and your followers are not going to increase then start using the particular hashtags which is specific to your post. For example, if you use the hashtag #foodfun or  #foodmusic then definitely people will follow you. There are also niche tags which most of the bloggers use. These niche tags are very unique and versatile. If you are a blogger then use these niche tags to invite a number of followers on your Instagram and ultimately to your blog by linking to your web blog.

In addition to the niche tags, there are also unique tags which are very unique and particular. So by using these number of Instagrammers can be increased.

Promote your blog through a Call to Action:

You can increase your number of followers on your blog by a call to action. Call to action will bring visitors to your blog. It should be noted that Instagram does not allow hyperlinking on your profile. You can only add a link which should be the shorter link. Link can be shortened through link shortener. For example, if you have a blog on food just post pictures of your food on Instagram with a shorter link. If someone is interested in your recipe then he or she will go directly to the blog through that shorter link.

Optimize the Stories and Album Features:

In Instagram stories, you can upload your video and photos which will be expired after 24 hours. But thanks to the “Instagram album feature” in which you can post a series of images without worrying about photos deletion. In your bio, there is this tool Instagram album feature. You should add the location hashtags and hashtags stickers in your stories to optimize engagements.

Interact with Other Accounts and create a Community:

Instagram is nowadays popular at higher rates. So it rewards a lot to the people who interact with each other and shares the followers. There are a lot of ways by which accounts can interact. If you like and follow other user and its content with a reward that he will follow you ultimately. You can also use Instagram Auto Liker to stay active with your followers to build active community. So the chain is made, a community is based on which the number of followers and visitors will increase.

Your Followers might be Your Existing Customers:

Your existing customers can be your followers. If a person purchases your product then don’t push him or force him to urgently post the picture of your product on Instagram. Make him feel about your loyalty and product quality and then encourage him to tag you and also tag the product or services. Make sure to ask him to add a short link in addition.

Post product Teaser:

You could sell your products by posting product teaser. Instagram is that influential media in which people are excited about photos and videos. So by posting product teaser will increase excitement within the people. Product teaser posts will encourage people to talk about your products. Your followers will increase to get aware of your products.



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