Does the Type of Web Hosting you Choose Affect your SEO?

According to Brian Dean and Neil Patel, the Gurus of SEO, Google considers more than 200 factors to decide whether the site is eligible to get higher ranking on a search engine or not. A reliable hosting service is also the one and among the major factors. Perhaps, the dominators in SEO world; Google and Bing, give priority to the better user experience.

According to a recent research, almost 53% of the people don’t wait for more than 3 seconds for your website to load. If they experience slow loading, they will leave your site instantly. Who will bother to wait for your website to load with the number of alternatives available? Hence, to avoid such a situation, consider purchasing a shared hosting plan from a reliable hosting provider.

Apart from site loading, the type of web hosting you choose also affects your website’s SEO in various ways. If you don’t know already, read on this article for the top 5 ways your web host’s performance can affect your website’s rankings on the search engines.

  1. Less Secure Data

It is significant to host your site on a secured server equipped with necessary tools including firewalls and anti-viruses. You are always at the risk of hacking and data loss if your site is less secure. However, if you lose your site’s data due to any reason, there must be an option to recover it or restore your site to backdate. Remember, data loss or broken links to your website may result in the site’s downranking.

  1. Site Speed

It is now official that loading speed of the site is the major game player for your site to rank on search engines. Slow site speed may lead to the lower ranking of your site on search engines. Usually, visitors don’t wait for your site to load which increases the bounce rate of your website. Increased bounce rate has a direct impact on your site’s ranking.

  1. 99.9% Uptime

Frequent downtimes kill your site rankings, and you may lose your potential customers. For a better experience, always look for a hosting provider with or above 99.9 percent uptime. It is the key to your site’s ranking success, because, in 24 hours, it hardly faces 1.44minutes or even less downtime. Otherwise, if visitors find that your site is down, they will be back to other sites, risking your site’s ranking. It may also affect your site’s CTR from search engines and lead to an increased bounce rate.

  1. SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate is now a must-have ingredient of your website because Google rarely considers a website for ranking if there is no SSL certificate installed. In a recent update, Google Chrome appeared to show an error message for the websites without having SSL certificate installed. Moreover, SSL certificate is significant to win visitor’s trust because many of them may not trust your site for purchasing something if your site tends to be a commercial site.

  1. Location of Server

Your site’s reliability and quick accessibility are directly linked to the server’s physical location. As long as the data center is near to majority of your site’s visitors, the loading time will be fast. Otherwise, it can take a couple of minutes for your site to load. If your hosting provider has VPS, dedicated or shared hosting plan, your site will be live in a physical location. But, for cloud hosting, location hardly matters as it results in data to house in the cloud. So, the best practice is to choose the host with a physical location similar to your target customers.

Factors to Consider while choosing an SEO-friendly Host

While finalizing a web hosting provider for your website, you must consider the following factors.

  • Uptime
  • Ability to create backups and restore
  • SSL certificates
  • Security tools
  • Other utilities like script installation and email services

So, now you know the basic features of the best SEO-friendly hosting services. Check for the old customer reviews to decide the best hosting provider for your site. Don’t rush for a cheap hosting; instead, select the one that fits your needs regardless of price.


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